• Image of a person wearing gloves with their hands over a radiator
    Welsh Government’s Warm Homes Programme needs to be greener, clearer and more tightly managed
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    NHS Wales Accounts show an accurate reflection of finances for the past year
  • Town centre
    Overwhelming response to our #YourTown survey earlier this year
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    Welsh Government in-sourcing of ICT services managed well, but full benefits not yet realised
  • person in classroom
    Consequences for learners’ progress and school budgets if teachers’ absence from the classroom not managed well
  • Image of Beter Law making publication covers
    Better Law Making: our latest think piece
    Drawing on its post-legislative examination of four significant laws, in conjunction with five very recent reports, Audit Wales considers some of t
  • Avoiding a return to rough sleeping after the pandemic
  • Some positive progress but auditor general unable to give a clean bill of health to four health board accounts for fourth year running
  • Cost increases and delays on the A465 Section 2 road improvement
  • Planning services under-resourced and underperforming
    Planning services in Wales are struggling to manage a complex system in the face of insufficient capacity and reducing resources.
  • ‘No-deal’ Brexit planning is being ramped up, but the picture varies across Wales’ public services
    Planning for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit is being taken seriously across Wales and many public bodies have ramped up their efforts since the summer of 2018,
  • Inadequacies in governance and financial management at two community councils
    The Auditor General for Wales has today (30 January 2019) published reports in the public interest highlighting inadequacies in governance, financi
  • Discounted bus travel for young people
    The ‘MyTravelPass’ scheme, which has given 16-18 year olds a third off the price of bus journeys in Wales, has cost the Welsh Government significan
  • Wales “working well” to implement fiscal devolution
    The Welsh Revenue Authority and Welsh Treasury are working well to implement plans to transfer certain taxes and borrowing powers from the UK Gover
  • Local Government needs to do more to develop a strong data culture
    Local authorities in Wales are sitting on a ‘rich vein’ of personal, financial and community data that could help them develop more efficient and e