• Image of a town centre
    Regenerating Town Centres in Wales
  • NHS
    NHS Wales Finances Data Tool
    Discover trends in NHS Wales finances using our interactive data tool.
  • Icon of a bar chart
    Financial Sustainability
    This data tool compares financial data for each council, national park and fire and rescue authority in Wales from 2015-16 onwards.
  • People working at a food bank
    Poverty in Wales data tool
    This data tool has been produced to help understand the challenges of poverty in Wales.
  • Report cover
    Public Spending Trends in Wales
    This data tool sets out public services spending patterns in the four nations of the UK since 1999.
  • Equality report
    Equality Report
    This data tool provides our employment information for each year, analysed by equality characteristics.
  • hands typing on a keyboard
    Welsh Community Care Information System
    This tool allows you to see more about the implementation status of WCCIS in local authorities and health boards.
  • doctor and patient
    Elective NHS waiting times
    This data tool looks at the different waiting times for different health boards
  • A&E sign outside a hospital.
    Unscheduled Care in Wales
    The tool compiles data from across the unscheduled care system in Wales and provides a snapshot of how the system is coping.
  • Report image
    Joint working between emergency services
    We have produced this data tool to support our report into Joint Working between Emergency Services in Wales. The Audit Wales report can be found on our website.
  • Homeless
    Rough Sleeping in Wales – Everyone’s Problem; No One’s Responsibility
    This report looks at how public bodies can help to end people sleeping rough in Wales.
  • Young People
    The well-being of young people
    We looked at the Welsh Government’s work to support the well-being of young people in Wales.
  • Front door
    The ‘front door’ to adult social care
    The focus of our work has been to judge the effectiveness of this new ‘front door’ to social care, looking specifically at services for adults. 
  • Local Planning
    The effectiveness of local planning authorities in Wales
    This report considers the progress of local planning authorities in delivering responsibilities with the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.
  • Nurses
    Expenditure on agency staff by NHS Wales
    Expenditure on agency staff by NHS Wales has increased markedly in recent years. Use this data tool to look at expenditure at each health body.