Webinar: Why using data effectively enables better decision making

Webinar: Why using data effectively enables better decision making


Right now there is so much data out there, people are drowning in it. But is it the right kind of data? Is your organisation using the right kind of data in the right way to achieve the results it wants?

The Well-being of the Future Generations Act wants us to think and act differently, and this means using different data and thinking about the data we use differently to help drive our decision making.

The skills of deciding what data you need, how to collect it and then what to do with that data are a necessity. We need to change the culture and mind set around data and build the skills within teams, within organisations and within multi-agency partnerships to maximise our use of data and to enable data driven decision making.

We will be holding a webinar looking to address the challenges above in today’s complex climate.  

Who the webinar is for

This is fundamental to any organisation who delivers a public service so we have purposely kept the delegate profile very wide.  In particular:-

  • Managers and senior managers who drive decision making;
  • Officers who plan and deliver public services;
  • Anyone involved in writing PSB Plans;
  • Officers who prepare board papers for Public Service Boards, Regional Boards, or Partnership Boards;
  • Policy leads.


Tuesday, 16 October 2018

12pm – 1:30pm


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For further information on the event, please email good.practice@audit.wales

16 October 2018
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