Trans-Atlantic Conversations - Measurement at the Margins

Trans-Atlantic Conversations - Measurement at the Margins
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Measurement at the Margins: A Trans-Atlantic Conversation on Measuring Intangibles... with our guests; Sonja Blignaut, Gary Wallace and Chris Giacomantonio


In a public-corporate world saturated by KPIs, are we losing sight of the value of human connection and empathy?

Funding proposals and/or regulations are fraught with expectations to measure tangible outcomes. While numbers can be important, is this reliance on them causing us to lose sight of more meaningful ways to measure? Is there a way to measure the warm data that can’t be captured by a number?  All tools have their uses, but as the context changes then surely shouldn’t the tools change as well?

As our understanding of the world deepens, becoming more complex in the process, join us for this exploration of measurement at the margins.

Contributing to the conversation will be Gary Wallace and Chris Giacomantonio, invited by our collaborators in Wales and Nova Scotia. They will share their thoughts on measurement and how to capture and make relevant what is important to people and communities to avoid adverse consequences. Sonja Blignaut will also join the conversation, questioning and provoking new insights from our contributors. Following this fascinating discussion we will give you the opportunity to join interesting people from across the ocean and carry on the conversation.

Join us on April 27th at 10.30 AM (Nova Scotia) / 14:30 (Wales) / 15:30 (South Africa) for a Transatlantic Conversation, and see where we can go.


27 April 2022
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