Redesigning public services: The strategic importance of digital

Redesigning public services: The strategic importance of digital

This seminar examined how public services develop the right skills and culture to move from analogue to digital services. 

The seminar was run in partnership with Good Practice Wales, Welsh Local Government Association, Welsh Government, Wales Council for Voluntary Action and Y Lab.
Public services in Wales are entering a new era in how they deliver services. The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act calls for a massive step-change in how we plan and deliver services, whilst technology has fundamentally changed the social environment in which we work.
This seminar was the first in a series of events on the theme of digital service delivery. This particular seminar shared how organisations have laid the groundwork and recognised the need for a cultural shift before tackling service transformation. Public services are likely to already have the necessary talent within their organisations, but organisational hierarchies often separate the knowledge from authority when making decisions. This seminar shared different approaches to overcoming these barriers.
Walking away from this event, delegates understood how to get the right talent and authority around the table to work collaboratively for better public services.

Who the seminar was aimed at 

For the seminar, we designed delegate personas with Y Lab, which is based on their work on the Digital Innovation Fund. Delegates were:
  • Staff, elected members and non-executive members who wanted their staff to buy into the organisation’s vision and direction
  • Staff who wanted their services to be more agile and responsive to user needs
  • Staff who work across public service boundaries
  • Staff who see digital as an enabler of public service reform
  • Staff who were looking for quicker and more efficient routes for many of the services the council delivers
  • Staff who were looking at how digital reforms can lead to efficiencies and savings 
  • Decision makers who wanted to connect with the people who know how to make digital transformation happen and back them with the right level of investment
Chief Executives and Leaders were asked to bring people who are frustrated at the systems that are used and the ways things are done in their organisation.


  1. Involving Elected Members in a digital approach [PDF 483.91KB Opens in new window] - Cllr Barry Parsons and Carl Haggerty, Devon County Council
  2. Getting staff on board with digital [PDF 1.17MB Opens in new window] - Olwen Williams, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board
  3. What you need to consider when moving to Digital - Rohan Gye, DVLA
  4. Mind the (Digital) Skills Gap[PDF 1.6MB Opens in new window] - Simon Renault, Innovation Point Ltd

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29 September 2016
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