I’m a patient, get me out of here

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The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and the Social Services and Wellbeing Acts both require public services to work together in order to deliver better services for the people of Wales. Whilst the requirements of these acts are relatively new, there are already organisations who are working together to deliver services in new and different ways. 

Recent reports have brought hospital discharge processes into the public eye and have highlighted the effects that delayed discharge is having on both patients’ outcomes and on the public purse. It is widely acknowledged that staying in hospital longer than necessary is detrimental to patients’ longer term outcomes. Working collaboratively to support individuals to move on to their next stage of care improves those outcomes and can help to prevent unnecessary returns to hospital, which is beneficial to both the individuals and to the services. 

Delivered in partnership with Good Practice Wales [opens in new window] and Welsh NHS Confederation [opens in new window], this seminar will provide the opportunity for attendees to hear about a range of collaborations between different organisations and sectors in order to deliver better quality services for the citizens of Wales.

Who the seminar was for 

This seminar was aimed at:

  • health teams responsible for designing and delivering health pathways;
  • social services and social care teams supporting reablement;
  • hospital and community based therapy teams;
  • hospital and community based mental health teams;
  • residential and nursing home managers;
  • community groups and third sector organisations supporting individuals.


  1. Hospital to Home: Mental Health and Housing Support Services [PDF 1MB Opens in new window] - Sarah Wills with Evee Freitag, Gofal
  2. Lighthouse Project [PDF 500KB Opens in new window] – Jackie Amos with Josh Woodrow, Taff Housing Association
  3. Lighthouse Project Case Studies [PDF 200KB Opens in new window]
  4. Hospital to Home: Care and Repair [PDF 1MB Opens in new window] – Zoe Wallace and Kate Kinsman, ABMU with Rena Sweeney and Meinir Woodgates, Bridgend Care and Repair, and Neil Williams, Care and Repair Wales
  5. Stay Well @ Home [PDF 1MB Opens in new window] – Emma Ralph, Claire Walker and Amanda Llewellyn, Stay Well @ Home Team

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  1. I'm a patient, get me out of here [Opens in new window]
  2. Three questions [Opens in new window]
  3. Stay Well @ Home [Opens in new window]
14 March 2018
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This seminar shared examples of how public services are collaborating to deliver a hospital discharge service which provides better outcomes for individuals.

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