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A graphic illustrating a stylised Welsh town. It includes housing, businesses and transport in the form of bicycles and buses, as well as references to the mountains and countryside.
Part 2 - Your Town Your Future

The recording of the online event; Part 2 - Your Town, Your Future that was held on September 2nd 2021. Also included are the slides…

  • Digital
    Your Town, Your Future - Town Centre Regeneration Event

    Recordings of the presentations from the online event held on 20th May 2021, as well as the slides and some useful links.

  • Strategaeth Ddynamig
    Dynamic strategy

    Over the past year, we’ve all seen an incredible amount of change and uncertainty. Leaders from across all parts of public services have had to make fast and difficult decisions in a rapidly changing situation.

  • governance
    Future Audit Arrangements for Community and Town Councils in Wales

    In January 2020, we consulted on the proposed changes to the audit arrangements for community and town councils. The proposals were made to address systemic issues across the sector.

    We received 136 responses from councils, clerks, individual members, internal auditors and members of the public. We have reviewed the responses and carefully considered the issues and observations made by respondents.

    The Auditor General has published details of the audit process to be followed for the audit of the 2020-21 accounts and in future years. Community and town councils will be subject to audit arrangements based on a three-year cycle. In two out of the three years, the audit arrangements will be broadly the same as those in place, up to and including 2019-20. In one year out of the three year cycle, auditors will undertake a more detailed audit looking at individual transactions.

    This approach balances the risk to the audit of community and town councils, the overall risk to the public purse, and the cost of the audit.

    This webinar will provide more detail to councils on how the new arrangements will work in practice.

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  • Services
    Benefits realisation webinar
    Public Services spend millions of pounds on projects that never get finished. Often, the reason has nothing to do with the quality of the…
  • Services
    Designing effective services for frequent users
    Frequent users of public services are those who regularly contact a specific or a range of public services. They make up a significant…
  • Finance
    Financial management and governance in community councils
    The report found that there remains scope for community councils in Wales to develop and improve financial management and governance…
  • Services
    Making services more accessible to people who do not speak English or Welsh
    People who don’t speak English or Welsh well will struggle to be able to use the public services they need. This may be because they are…
  • People
    Public services working in partnership for better health and wellbeing
    Public services in Wales are continuing to face significant changes and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. The fact is we…
  • aaa
    Getting a better return on your investment in public engagement
    The seminar came at a crucial time for the public sector, with the Single Integrated Plan and public sector cuts. The seminar aims were to…

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