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The Future of Work: Sharing Experiences from Hywel Dda University Health Board
  • A graphic illustrating a stylised Welsh town. It includes housing, businesses and transport in the form of bicycles and buses, as well as references to the mountains and countryside.
    Part 2 - Your Town Your Future

    The recording of the online event; Part 2 - Your Town, Your Future that was held on September 2nd 2021. Also included are the slides presented at the event.

  • Digital
    Your Town, Your Future - Town Centre Regeneration Event

    Recordings of the presentations from the online event held on 20th May 2021, as well as the slides and some useful links.

  • Strategaeth Ddynamig
    Dynamic strategy

    Over the past year, we’ve all seen an incredible amount of change and uncertainty. Leaders from across all parts of public services have had to make fast and difficult decisions in a rapidly changing situation.

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  • People
    Can the Social Economy save us?
    The Good Practice Exchange hosted a webinar with a live audience where our very own Chris Bolton shared the learning from his Winston…
  • governance
    Leading programmes and projects
    Understand how to lead, not just manage, successful programmes and projects. 
  • People
    Mutual Benefits: Building a Co-operation Between Wales and the Basque Country
    This conference was be delivered in partnership with the Wales Co-operative Centre and Cardiff University Business School. It provided the…
  • digital
    Why using data effectively enables better decision making: Webinar
    The Well-being of the Future Generations Act wants us to think and act differently, and this means using different data and thinking about…
  • People
    Building Resilient Communities
    In partnership with the Wales Co-operative Centre, we looked at the rise in the number of communities that have taken ownership of their…
  • People
    Working in partnership: Holding up the mirror
    This seminar, jointly delivered with Academi Wales, focused on ‘holding up the mirror’ so that the design and delivery of a service is…
  • digital
    Inspiring public services to achieve independence and well-being through digital ambition
    In partnership with Y Lab, Digital Communities Wales and WLGA, delegates discovered how the use of digital in public services help to…
  • Finance
    Grants management mini-guides
    The guides advise you of what you should consider at each stage of the grants ‘lifecycle’ and outline the benefits for you.
  • People
    Adverse Childhood Experiences: Small Steps, Big Change
    Following on from our previous webinar, we considered what an ACE/trauma-informed approach is all about and how delegates could apply this…
  • Services
    How you manage risks around organisation change, service transformation and innovation
    The culture and behaviours associated with ‘taking well-managed risks’ are relevant at both an individual level as well as at the…
  • People
    Moving from outputs to outcomes
    This was the first in a series of webinars looking at different aspects of how public services can use an outcome focussed approach to…
  • Services
    Sustainable procurement
    Over the next decade, Welsh public services will spend over £60 billion in procuring a range of goods, services and works. What do public…
  • Finance
    Building financial resilience in public services
    Organisations need to put greater emphasis on flexibility, adaptability and a long-term perspective in their financial management. This…
  • Services
    How different methods of engagement can help involve the citizen in public service delivery
    As we have so many diverse communities in Wales, it is important that we adapt the way we communicate and engage with groups accordingly.
  • Finance
    Early closure of local government accounts
    This seminar formed part of our ongoing programme focusing on the early closure of accounts and what it means for local government bodies.
  • People
    Public services need to identify steps that can be taken to give every child in Wales the best start in life and break inter-generational…
  • governance
    The role of scrutiny in relation to the WFG Act
    In partnership with WLGA, Welsh Government, Welsh NHS Confed and the Office of the Future Generations Commissioner we considered Governance…
  • Services
    Using alternative delivery models to deliver public services
    Delivered in partnership with Community Housing Cymru, Welsh Local Government Association, Wales Council for Voluntary Action, Welsh NHS…
  • digital
    Integrating information technology through open standards
    Open Standards make it easier for systems to work together and exchange data. They can help public services to integrate, collaborate and…
  • governance
    Governance: Supporting improvement across complex public service delivery
    In partnership with the Welsh Government and ICAEW, we are holding a series of webinars to support public services in improving their…

We do this by holding free shared learning events, webinars and podcasts.

They enable delegates to share and learn from each other:

  • on the day
  • remotely through social media 
  • through continued discussions post-event, and
  • by accessing our event outputs and guides.

Our programme of shared learning events focusses on topics that are common across public services. These topics align with many of our studies and contribute towards our organisation’s strategic objectives.

They also underpin the ways of working and goals of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 [opens in new window]Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 [opens in new window] and the Environment (Wales) Act 2016 [opens in new window].

We recognise that organisations are at different stages of design and delivery of public services. This is an important focus for our events.

We believe in adapting not adopting – there’s no need to reinvent the wheel but equally, one size won’t fit all.