Our people

Carwyn ReesCarwyn Rees - from Graduate Trainee to Audit Lead 

I joined in the summer of 2015 on the Graduate Trainee Programme as a Financial Auditor.

Within my first year I’ve had experience of working on local authorities, health boards and central government bodies. I’ve received great support from everyone here in all aspects of my work, exams and well-being. With continuous support by 2019 I had completed my training contract and qualified as a chartered accountant. But I think part of the training that can be overlooked was the exposure to be able to develop beyond being a trainee. I worked on complex areas of accounts and had gained experiencing in coaching staff leading small teams on audits. As part of my training I experienced a short secondment to the BBC which further enhanced my knowledge and skills as well as achieving an ILM qualification which all combine to give a very rounded training experience.

When coming towards the end of my training contract I applied for an open position as a team leader within Audit Wales. The skills that I had gained through my training contract were exactly what I needed to be able to progress to this role. Shortly after achieving this role there were further opportunities and I was promoted to an Audit Lead. Now I lead audits at a large unitary authority, a pension fund and a special health authority along with being part of a larger management team a larger South Wales Financial Audit team, which is something I’ve really enjoyed looking at some wider logistical issues, managing people and shaping how we work. I also have opportunities to contribute to work that isn’t directly linked to our accounts opinion work that develop me even more.

It’s great working for an organisation that can make a real difference in Wales and to be able to contribute in its development while still having opportunities to develop myself.


Urvisha Perez - Senior Auditor

I joined the Wales Audit Office in 2016 as a Performance Auditor in the Health Team.

To be honest, before joining the organisation I hadn’t thought of a career as an auditor. I assumed you needed financial qualifications. But luckily my local authority and research background gave me the transferable skills I needed.

Since joining, I’ve held a varied and interesting portfolio of work. I’ve audited several NHS services and systems, such a radiology, primary care, discharge planning and governance arrangements. What I love about my job is that I’m constantly learning, that I get to meet lots of interesting, passionate people and that I feel like I’m making a difference to NHS services.

It’s a pleasure to work at Audit Wales, I’m surrounded by friendly, supportive and genuine people. I can definitely say that since joining the organisation I haven’t looked back!


Sue HenrySue Henry - Business Services Officer

Working in Business Services, we are right at the heart of the day-to day-running of the office and no two days are the same. 

My role covers anything from booking small conferences to researching travel details which could include flight times and hotel availability, the things that keep our staff moving. I also maintain the telecommunications network so I keep people talking too.

On a regular basis I support the organisation with internal meetings and stakeholder events - with the ‘meeting and greeting’ of clients, and taking them through house-keeping details. These events can be anything from a dozen to 60 people, all from varying types of organisations and all with different needs.