Working in partnership to combat fraud

Working in partnership to combat fraud
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An opportunity for Welsh public services to learn about recent developments in relation to combatting fraud.

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We will share investigation techniques, intelligence and the use of data analytics in fraud prevention and detection.

This seminar is aimed at all public service officers and members who have counter fraud responsibilities or interests within their organisations including, those:

  • with responsibility for the organisation’s counter fraud strategy eg directors of finance.
  • with responsibility for undertaking investigative work.
  • exercising compliance functions which may result in counter fraud action. eg internal auditors.
  • responsible for assessing applications for services or benefits where there is a significant inherent fraud risk.

Public services in Wales are under intense pressure. With funding for services reducing, there is an ever-increasing need for public services to find efficiency savings and eliminate waste. Every pound lost to fraud is a pound wasted.

In 2013, the National Fraud Authority estimated that the UK public sector annual fraud loss to be in the region of £6.6 bn (excluding taxation fraud). The Cabinet Office in its recent publication ‘Cross-Government Fraud Landscape Annual Report 2018’ (opens in new window) estimated that the annual fraud loss for government departments may be anything between £2.7bn and £20.3bn.

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07 May 2019
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