Innovative approaches to public services in rural communities

Innovative approaches to public services in rural communities
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This seminar will share innovative approaches to help understand how public services can meet the needs of rural communities in Wales. 

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We recently published a report on Local Government Services to Rural Communities. In this report we identified 9 authorities as rural, 11 as semi-rural/urban and 2 as urban. 

The reality is that delivering fair and equitable public services and maintaining specialist provision in rural areas is challenging due a number of reasons including:

  • geography
  • distance
  • cost
  • scalability.

The loss of the ‘cornerstones’ of rural communities such as banks, schools, and post offices and poor access to key infrastructure like public transport and superfast broadband can compound the challenge of sustaining public services in rural communities.

The seminar is framed around the 7 wellbeing goals of the WFG Act and is aimed at all public services in Wales. The ideas and approaches shared at this seminar can be adapted to suit a wide range of services.

This event is relevant to all public services across Wales including:

  • local authorities
  • health
  • police forces
  • fire authorities
  • third sector bodies
  • housing associations
  • community groups
  • voluntary bodies
  • charities
  • social enterprises

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09 July 2019
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