Early closure of local government accounts

Early closure of local government accounts

For the past few years local authorities in Wales have been taking positive steps to close their accounts earlier, with an increase in the number of bodies achieving this year on year. 

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This seminar formed part of our ongoing programme focusing on the early closure of accounts and what it means for local government bodies. Previous events include:

As this was the third and final seminar on this topic, it is important that the most relevant and helpful topics are discussed. From initial discussions and feedback from previous seminars, the most common topics arising are:

  • Asset valuations and capital accounting
  • Working paper requirements
  • Developing audit methodologies 

Who the seminar was aimed at

This seminar was aimed at staff within local authorities, national parks, fire and police bodies in the following roles:

  • chief accountant
  • capital accountants


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10 October 2017
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