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Our audit focus continues to evolve to reflect how public services are responding to the challenges we face

01 April 2022
  • Auditor General and Chair of the Board outline priorities for the next 12 months at Audit Wales

    Audit Wales has today published its Annual Plan for 2022-23. This document outlines our priorities for the next 12 months as the public sector in Wales continues to grapple with a changing world.

    Audit plays a vital role in providing the public, politicians, decision-makers and influencers with the information and assurance they need about how well public money is being spent.

    In this Plan, with reference to our recent Consultation which invites views to inform our future audit work programme, we summarise the main factors that will influence the way we deliver our programme of audit work over the next few years.

    Alongside setting out our planned work programmes for the coming 12 months, we identify several priority actions that will support our audit work and our running of the business in 2022-23. We also describe the methods that we will use to measure, report and reflect on our performance and the impact of our work.   

    As we start to emerge from the pandemic, it is inevitable that its impact will continue to have a significant influence on our work in 2022-23. We will prioritise work that examines the additional money that has been spent in Wales and the value for money achieved. It is imperative that our audit focus continues to evolve to reflect how public services are organising themselves to respond to the challenges we face. During the next 12 months, we will focus on bringing forward the reporting timetable to pre-pandemic patterns without compromising our absolute commitment to audit quality. To enhance the impact of our audit products we will also be placing greater emphasis on ensuring that their form and presentation are more engaging and inspiring with clearer and bolder language. Auditor General, Adrian Crompton
    Over the coming year, we will implement changes to our operating model to support our audit objectives and maintain audit quality. Learning from our experience through the pandemic, we will return to a degree of office-based operation while maintaining the flexibility of remote working. In 2022, we will also take decisions on our future office estate. Our aim is to find a solution that delivers efficient and high-quality work, whilst placing high value on the health and well-being of Audit Wales staff and our environmental impact. Conscious of our responsibility to other parts of the public sector to contain our own operating costs, we have set challenging savings targets from both staff vacancy management and other areas of expenditure. Chair of the Wales Audit Office Board, Lindsay Foyster

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