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NHS Wales Accounts show an accurate reflection of finances for the past year

16 September 2021
  • The Auditor General has published an updated infographic on the NHS (Wales) summarised accounts for 2020-21.

    View our infographic

    Our infographic shows the consolidated financial results of the seven local health boards, three NHS trusts and one special health authority in Wales. It highlights the key information, explaining how public money is being spent and summarising the financial performance of the health bodies.

    As shown in the infographic, NHS Wales is funded primarily by the Welsh Government and in 2020-21 it spent £9.6 billion. It employs 88,000 people working in hospital settings, the community and support services.

    In 2020-21 NHS Wales received £1.3 billion additional funding to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic. Among other things this covered expenditure on additional staff costs, purchase of personal protective equipment, the vaccination programme, the creation of field hospitals and additional equipment.  

    The scale of additional funding provided to support NHS Wales through the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. I hope our infographic provides a useful visual representation to explain how this and other income has been utilised. While the NHS Wales summarised accounts for 2020-21 give a true and fair reflection of its financial position, four Welsh NHS bodies failed to meet their financial duty to break even over a three-year period. These bodies have accumulated deficits of £235m over the last three years. The combined deficit across all bodies in 2020-21 was £48m, compared to £89 million the previous year. Adrian Crompton, Auditor General