Dare to share: Sharing Personal Data to Better Serve Citizens and Communities

Dare to share: Sharing Personal Data to Better Serve Citizens and Communities

We held a free seminar with the Welsh Government, the Effective Services for Vulnerable Groups Board and Wales Council for Voluntary Action to share good practice, highlight examples where organisations have ‘dared to share’ and address some of the myths that still surround the sharing of personal data.  

The Information Commissioner has stated that ‘people want their personal data to work for them. They expect organisations to share their personal data where it’s necessary to provide them with the services they want. They expect society to use its information resources to stop crime and fraud and to keep citizens safe and secure. However, people also want to know how their information is being used, who has access to it, and what that means for them.’
Regrettably, examples of high profile cases continue to highlight the risk of not sharing relevant personal information with other public services to protect vulnerable people and deliver better services with those partners that need to know.
In this time of austerity, services cannot continue to be delivered in the same way. Services are being asked to provide better services when the resources available are declining. Organisations have already taken positive steps to improve the way that they share personal data. This seminar supported public services to further improve their ability to share personal data with a wide range of partners.  This will make our citizens and communities safer and promote increased collaboration and good information sharing practice within the public sector.
Information sharing is complicated. Anne Jones, the Assistant Information Commissioner for Wales, busted some common myths and shared principles to consider around effective data sharing.
This seminar provided delegates with:
  • An understanding of how organisations share data and apply it to their work
  • Organisation wide sustainable solutions for how they share and manage personal data in accordance with the Wales Accord on the Sharing of Personal Information (WASPI).
  • An opportunity to bust many of the myths that surround data sharing

Who the event was aimed at

This seminar was aimed at public and third sector managers and officers in the following areas:
  • Public Service Boards
  • Heads of Service
  • Public Protection Leads
  • Senior Information Risk Officers


  1. Sharing data across sector [PDF 1.6MB Opens in new window] - Claire Williams, CAIS
  2. Breaking down the internal barriers [PDF 380KB Opens in new window] - Francine Salem, Wrexham County Borough Council
  3. How to share personal data on a geographical basis [PDF 380KB Opens in new window] - Jackie Evans, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service
  4. It’s not a one size fit’s all approach - Helen Phillips, The Information Commissioner
  5. The Women’s Pathfinder - Achieving a Whole System Approach For a Complex Service User Group - Jade Theaker and Sara Evans, Wales Probation Service

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20 January 2016
28 January 2016
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