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21 May 2019
  • As part of our recruitment campaign, we have asked a few of our apprentices to blog about what it is like to be an apprentice at the Wales Audit Office. Here Emma Thomas talks about her first year.

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    My name is Emma and I’m a first-year Financial Audit Apprentice at the Wales Audit Office. A year ago, I was coming to the end of my Marketing internship at a Caerphilly-based Housing Association. If you had told me then I would have passed three exams in an accountancy qualification within the next year, I wouldn’t have believed you.

    I started my degree in Education with the path ending at a PGCE and becoming a primary school teacher. However, after spending a lot of my time in many different school placements over the years I decided that teaching wasn’t for me, but I still loved education and wanted to look at other careers that would allow me to continue educating myself and where I’d have scope to learn new things.

    After I finished my Education degree, I got an internship as a Communications Assistant in a Caerphilly-based housing association, using my skills in academic writing and my enjoyment in meeting new people. However, after my internship finished I realised that wasn’t the career for me. During my time at the company I decided to investigate other careers and sectors within the business such as HR, Development and Finance. It was during my time in Finance where I was introduced to what they do, the different areas within it and understanding the auditing of a company that made me what to pursue a career in this sector. This is how I ended up applying for the Wales Audit Office Apprenticeship Scheme 2018 cohort.

    The Apprenticeship Scheme is a three-year programme, seeing you progress from level 2 AAT up to a level 4 AAT qualification with scope at the end of the programme to move onto the trainee scheme at the Wales Audit Office. I decided to take this route rather than the well-established Wales Audit Office trainee route, because I felt it was important coming from a background where I had little knowledge of the auditing or accountancy world to become an expert in the basics and grow from there.

    Personally, I really recommend doing an apprenticeship. Its been a great experience so far and has allowed me to have hands-on experience in auditing local authorities and NHS boards and benefitting from a day release every week to a local college to study AAT. What more could you ask for!

    The Wales Audit Office is a great place to begin your career, it has a really welcoming working environment – it’s comfortable and friendly. Development and your wellbeing are really cared about and taken seriously, for example I and the other apprentices struggled with formulas on Microsoft Excel. We conveyed this information and within the month we had a two-day Excel training course booked for us. This apprenticeship is by far one of the best and most valuable opportunities I’ve ever had.

    About the Author

    Blog Photo - Emma Thomas Emma Thomas is a first-year Financial Audit apprentice at the Wales Audit Office.