A Picture of Public Services

Public services are facing their biggest challenge for at least a generation. The figures in this report show that public services in Wales face significant reductions in their budgets in the coming years. This report is intended to help public services develop that response, by setting out the scale of the challenge they face and the key lessons from our work.

Part 1 highlights the scale of the financial pressures facing Welsh public services as they experience the most difficult economic conditions for generations. It looks
at the key challenges for services in terms of adapting to significant cuts in budgets. Part 2 identifies some of the key lessons from our work over the past five years and how they can help public services to prepare for future challenges. As our work covers most public services in Wales1, the Wales Audit Office is in a unique position to help public services to work in the radically different ways that will be required to provide the services that the public needs and deserves.

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