Gwent Powys Police Authority Annual Audit Report 2011

26 Feb 2012 - 9:02am

Gwent Powys Police Authority Annual Audit Report 2011

This Annual Audit Report (the Report) to members of the Gwent Police Authority (the Authority) summarises the conclusions from my 2010-11 audit. It reports for Authority members the significant issues arising from my audit, together with my comments on other current issues 


I have concluded that the Authority‟s resources were, in all material respects, properly used and accounted for in 2010-11: 

  • the Authority‟s 2010-11 accounts were properly prepared and materially accurate, and work continues to ensure the consistent treatment across Wales of Police Authorities of Wales‟ transactions and balances; 
  • The Authority met its revenue budget for 2010-11, and is well placed to deliver its response to the significant financial challenges ahead; 
  • the Authority had an effective internal control environment to reduce the risk of material misstatement to the financial statements; and 
  • the Authority‟s significant financial systems were appropriately controlled and operated as intended. 


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