Findings from the Auditor General’s Sustainable Development Principle Examinations

5 May 2020 - 10:25am

As required by the Well-being of Future Generations Act 2015, the Auditor General for Wales has published his report on the results of his sustainable development principle examinations.

However, we recognise that this is not the time for public bodies to engage with or respond to the findings. We plan instead to create opportunities to reflect on the findings at an appropriate time later in the year. 
In this video, Adrian explains why we have published during this time. 

Message from the Auditor General

What we did

During 2018-19 and 2019-20, we carried out 71 examinations across the 44 Welsh public bodies named under the Act and reported back to each body.

This report provides an overview of what we looked for, what we found and what we will expect to see in future. It also draws on other relevant findings across the breadth of our audit work.

We’ve found that public bodies can demonstrate that they’re applying the sustainable development principle, but they can improve how they are applying each of the five ways of working. 
In the next five years, public bodies will need to consider how they use the principles of the Act to help build the foresight and resilience they need to help them respond to the challenges ahead.
Adrian Crompton, Auditor General for Wales

The Future Generations Commissioner for Wales has also published a report, the Future Generations Report [opens in new window].

Together, these two reports describe how public bodies in Wales are applying the Act and improving well-being across Wales.

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