Cwm Taf Health Board Annual Audit Report 2011

Cwm Taf Health Board Annual Audit Report 2011
29 May 2012

This report summarises my findings from the audit work I have undertaken at Cwm Taf Local Health Board (the Health Board) during 2011.

I have issued an unqualified opinion on the 2010-11 financial statements of the Health Board, although in doing so I have brought several issues to the attention of officers 
and the Audit Committee. I have also concluded that: 

  • the Health Board’s accounts were properly prepared and materially accurate; and 
  • the Health Board had an effective internal control environment to reduce the risks of material misstatements to the financial statements. 

The Health Board achieved financial balance at the end of 2010-11, but only as a result of additional, non-recurring funding from the Welsh Government of £18.2 million. 


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