The road to net zero

The road to net zero
Person in a virtual meeting

Auditor General will be speaking at ICAEW’s first public sector conference

ICAEW are holding their first ever public sector conference on 10 December 2021. This will be a virtual event entitled, ’The road to net zero’ [opens in new window] focussing on sustainability. 

Adrian Crompton, Auditor General for Wales, is the opening keynote speaker. In his session entitled, ‘The role of public sector financial reporting and audit in achieving net zero’, he will talk about his commitment to “scrutinise and inspire improvement in climate change action across the Welsh public sector”. He will also answer questions on the role financial reporting and audit can play in supporting the public sector achieve the government’s ambitious target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

I am delighted that I’ve been invited to be keynote speaker at ICAEW’s first public sector conference. The conference builds on the recent NAO report ‘Local government and net zero in England’. This will be a great opportunity to bring a Welsh perspective to the discussions and to talk about some of the unique work we’re doing in Wales.

Adrian Crompton, Auditor General for Wales

Last week, as a taster to the conference, ICAEW also published an article from Adrian about financial sustainability and assurance in the public sector [opens in new window], examining the question - What are the prospects for our public services given the future challenges they face? It also highlights our recent Picture of Public Services 2021 and Financial Sustainability of Local Government reports.

If you’re interested in attending the ICAEW Public Sector Sustainability Conference on 10 December, you can register on the ICAEW website [opens in new window]