Powys Library Services during COVID-19 – what we’ve learned

Powys Library Services during COVID-19 – what we’ve learned
Four icons showing a closed book, an open book, a laptop, and a virus

Our Good Practice Team recently interviewed Powys Library Services about how they have responded to lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic.


In our video, members of the service tell us how they have used technology in helpful ways and how they have continued their work of providing resources to the community amidst a pandemic. They also tell us about how their libraries and museums are balancing the demands of social distancing with being communal, public-facing environments.

Our interview is part of our COVID-19 learning project, which seeks to explore how public bodies as a whole are responding to the changes created by coronavirus and ask what can be learned from their often unique and innovative adaptations. Through our work on this project, we hope to encourage learning and discussion – not only about this crisis but about how we can shape public services for the better in a post COVID-19 world.

Find out more about our COVID-19 learning project.

View our video about Powys Library Services below.