Finance for the Future conference 2019

Finance for the Future conference 2019
18 December 2019

On the 12 December the Finance Skills Development Group held the fourth conference for finance trainees, Finance for the Future 2019

The event brought together individuals working in publicly funded organisations across Wales who are studying towards a finance related qualification.

This year’s event built on previous years’ highly successful conferences in exploring the changes and challenges, which are likely to have an impact on finance professionals over the course of their careers.

Story of the day

We shared events as they happened on our Twitter feed [opens in new window] and encouraged delegates to use the hashtag #FinanceFuture19

Here’s a summary of the day as it unfolded:

08:35 Today is the day of our fourth Finance for the Future event. Follow the day as it unfolds with the hashtag #FinanceFuture19

09:20 This year's #FinanceFuture19 has started at Cardiff City Hall! Follow the hashtags for all the latest and to join the conversation.

09:28 Auditor General for Wales Adrian Crompton opens Finance for the Future 2019 today describing the three things we need to change to deliver success:

  • Build trust in our profession
  • Increase pace of improvement
  • Think and act in more integrated and collaborative ways

09:35 "We can sometimes suffer from risk aversion, an obsession with targets and measures and overthink" Adrian Crompton, Auditor General for Wales calls for "the finance profession to be a facilitator - and not a barrier to change"

09:38 "As accountants and auditors, we have to prove we're worthy of trust. We need to be sharp on quality and rigour" Adrian Crompton

09:41 Auditor General Adrian Crompton challenges #FinanceFuture19 to be "relentlessly curious" and "ask ourselves how our systems and collective thinking can be reset in ways that builds trust, pace and integration"

09:48 Andrew Goodall of #NHSWales is now talking to #FinanceFuture19 about his journey through his career in public service.

09:52 "When you're doing your jobs you have the chance to make real change in how we do things in public services." Andrew Goodall #NHSWales at #FinanceFuture19

10:00 Andrew Goodall #NHSWales encourages #FinanceFuture19 to showcase the values that you live by through everything you do at all times and that public service users are at the forefrunt of your decisions.

10:17 Our #FinanceFuture19 workshops have just started. The first one we're highlighting is on tackling financial crime. We're currently trying to get into the mind of a fraudster and learning how the National Fraud Initiative is helping the fight against fraud.

10:23 "Estimated value of fraud in the UK Central Government is around £19.6 billion. That's without tax and other public services." David Rees, Anti-fraud Manager at the Wales Audit Office gives shocking figures at his #FinanceFuture19 workshop

10:40 Still on the crime theme, we've moved to the #FinanceFuture19 Cyber Crime workshop with DC Symon Kendall @swpolice @SWPCyber who is sharing real life case studies of cybercrime and how it's being combated.

11:16 Workshops at #FinanceFuture19 continues with @MichReid2014 and Marisa Cass of @MerthyrVH talking about being the first truly mutual housing organisation in Wales and how their financial management supports their approach with strong social values.

11:36 Making Finance fit for the Future with @futuregencymru is our fourth workshop to highlight. @Cathy_Madge is taking #FinanceFuture19 through the Well-being of Future Generations Act and how delegates can help colleagues to make the most of the act and avoid common pitfalls.

11:49 Finance can be seen to be short term and a year to year thing. @Cathy_Madge encourages #FinanceFuture19 to start discussions and challenge how long term planning should be something the finance profession does.

11:59 Will robots really steal our jobs? is our last #FinanceFuture19 morning workshop. Rakesh and Jonathan of @PwC_Wales is talking Artificial Intelligence, robotics and 'smart automation', their impact, benefits and opportunities that comes with them.

12:18 Hannah Evans, Director of Transformation @SwanseabayNHS takes #FinanceFuture19 through her leadership journey and the role of finance in transformation.

12:40 "Remain curious" Hannah Evans @SwanseabayNHS tells #FinanceFuture19. "Read, question and learn, and challenge your own views and biases"

14:02 And now we're off to our #FinanceFuture19 afternoon workshops. @Poidaddy from @AcademiWales is providing tips on how to use positive osychology to reduce stress and increase happiness at work.

14:36 We're now hearing from @PeeblesDon @cipfawales about what prompted @CIPFA to create their worldwide ethics code and challenging #FinanceFuture19 to consider their ethical responsibilities as a public sector accountant.

14:49 #FinanceFuture19 And now it's time for a workout. Not one to keep us warm, but a @CIPFA Ethical Workout! A way to test ourselves against our ethical responsibilities.

15:28 David Francis from the Wales Audit Office, @kelliebeirne @ccrcitydeal and @chrisjonesWG  are giving #FinanceFuture19 an insight in to what they, as public sector leaders, want from financial leaders and their top tips for financial leaders that are starting out.

16:03 Our last workshop today at #FinanceFuture19 is with @Aimee_Bateman @CareercakeTV  who's giving everyone the tools to build and own our personal brand.

16:13 And that's it for this year's #FinanceFuture19 Thank you to everyone who made today possible and as @AJBarrettWAO said "good luck to everyone in your careers, whatever that looks like"


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Conference presentations

Further details will be available in the new year