Shared Learning Webinar
Making sense of a crisis: Learning from the COVID-19 Pandemic

An online week of learning, good practice and ideas - 8th March – 12th March 2021.

About this event

It’s been almost a year since the first UK lockdown.  

Since then, staff across Audit Wales have been recording novel and innovative practice emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic. We collected a wealth of data ranging from moving services online to volunteering in the community. We have shared this information through blogs, Twitter threads, online webinars and fortnightly Digests.

One year on, we’ve decided to run a week-long learning event across a number of themes, to share some further insights with you. During the course of the week, we’ll hear from public services across Wales and learn how they have responded to the various challenges COVID has presented as well as looking to the future and how the pandemic could change how services are delivered going forward. 

We’ll be covering a range of themes during the week:  

  • The role of communities during COVID-19 
  • Crisis Governance  
  • Dynamic Strategy  
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the workforce
  • Communication and engagement   

How it will work 


Over five days we’ll be sharing a number of resources including pre-recorded video interviews, blogs, and podcasts.  

We’ll also be holding a live Twitter Q&A on Governance, and a live webinar on Dynamic Strategy, which includes speakers such as:

  • Professor Dave Snowden, Cognitive Edge
  • Ian Bancroft, CEO, Wrexham County Borough Council
  • Anne Louise Clarke, Executive Director of Communications and Change, Audit Wales
  • Auriol Miller, CEO, Institute of Welsh Affairs

To register for this event, please complete our online booking form [opens in new window].

New content will be released on a daily basis to watch, listen and read at your own convenience, and will be available on the Good Practice section of our website going forward. 


How do I register my interest?  

Please complete your details on the booking form to the right of this page. At the start of the week you’ll be sent an email detailing where you can find all content.  

You can also contact a member of the Good Practice Team at any point during the week who can help with any queries you may have, in English or Welsh,   

Further information about this event will be added soon