Fighting Procurement Fraud Together

Fighting Procurement Fraud Together

We held a webinar that focused on procurement fraud in the Welsh public sector.

Procurement fraud is the second highest detected fraud in the UK public sector, behind only tax fraud. Recent estimates of the cost of procurement fraud to the public sector are in the region of £2.3 billion per annum. Public services in Wales cannot continue to be delivered in the current format – fact.

As a result, many services will be delivered in a number of different collaborative models. The procurement and commissioning of these services has the potential for an increase in fraudulent activity.

The aim of this webinar was to share the approaches, experiences and learning from recognised bodies that are supporting public services in Wales to mitigate exposure to potential fraudulent activity. 

Webinar speakers

  1. Anthony Barrett, Assistant Auditor General, Wales Audit Office
  2. Rachael Tiffen, Head of the Counter Fraud Centre and Governance Faculty, CIPFA
  3. Stephen Tooby, Head of Counter Fraud, Welsh Government
  4. Mark Kinsella, Senior Manager, Fraud Investigation Service, Grant Thornton UK

Who the webinar was aimed at?

This webinar was aimed at:

  • Members and Officers of Public Service Boards                    
  • Heads of Procurement
  • Counter Fraud Officer                                                           
  • Heads of Finance
  • Risk Management Officers                                                     
  • Heads of Internal Audit
  • Public Sector Board and Cabinet Members                            
  • Section 151 Officers
  • Town and Community Council Members                                   
  • Third Sector Officers
  • Officers of Welsh Public Sector Procurement Consortiums

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18 August 2015
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