Corporate Asset Policy - Powys County Council

30 May 2014 - 3:44pm

The Corporate Asset Policy (CAP) brings together the Authority’s operating procedures for assets under one document. It provides a standardised approach to property management and reduces risk and financial liability.

Powys County Council is a local authority covering a quarter of Wales with approx. 7500 employees. PCC operates delegated budgets and needs to consider the geographical challenges constantly in its service provision. Our sparse population challenges service delivery and policies and procedures are developed to provide a robust framework for service managers. 

We had experience of Services entering leases without professional advice and properties being closed and reopened without any strategic review. The Authority had large bills and charges resulting from poor management of leases. Our corporate control over combined property stock was compromised, making efficient property use a challenge. This meant our records were incomplete and our work mainly reactive. With the financial pressures, the situation needed to be turned around so that efficient asset management could play its part in meeting the Authority’s financial targets.

The solution to this issue was for Corporate Property officers to develop a single policy, the Corporate Asset Policy (CAP). The document was developed with officers from all property holding sections and considered all elements of management, surplus, disposal, CAT, leasing in/out and allotments. The CAP was first approved in September 2010 and has provided a standardised approach to property management which has reduced risk and financial liability. The second version was approved in 2013 and updates the document to include the use of EBay, sale of goods within council property and invasive species as examples. The valuation team refer to it daily.

The CAP has underpinned efficient asset management and service rationalisation. It has reduced wasted resource and limited unnecessary expenditure. It has recently been expanded to ensure the document remains relevant and has proved useful with maverick services. It does not replace the AMP but compliments it. The CAP provides a strong foundation for corporate assets to be managed effectively with reduced waste through inefficient use or unsuitable terms.

Name:  Sarah Jowett
Title/role: Property Manager
Organisation: Powys County Council
Telephone: 01597 826553

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