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Picture of Primary Care


Primary care services play a vital role within the wider system of health and care in Wales.  But services have come under increasing pressure from rises in demand and constraints in capacity, and it is recognised that changes need to be made to ensure that primary care services are sustainable and can play the key role that is required of them within the NHS in Wales.

This report is part of a suite of work we are undertaking on primary care services in Wales. It brings together numerous sources of data to provide a snapshot of primary care services.  It is not intended to be a detailed evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of primary care. Instead it sets out some key information on how current services are organised and highlights key issues which will be explored further as part our more detailed audit work at health boards.

During 2018 auditors will examine the progress health boards in Wales have made in implementing the national plan for primary care.  A report will be produced for each health board, and a national summary of our findings will follow in early 2019.

We have already completed a separate and detailed review on GP Out of Hours Services, and reported our findings to health boards.  A summary of these findings will be published in June 2018.

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